"Live in the Moment & Never Give Up!”  Greg’s motto was also his way of life.  He inspired others by exuding a positive outlook and forever smile.
The Riebe Run is a family friendly 5k run/walk, short course (almost-a-mile), and Kids Dash to celebrate the memory of Greg Riebe an amazing father, friend, and active participant in the Twin Cities running scene .  Greg had arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy (ARVD) , a genetic condition that he did not know he had, he had no signs, no symptoms - Greg's life was cut short due to ARVD.

He lived life to the fullest and sincerely cared about everyone around him, making them a better person every day. The memories he left with those who knew him and the stories provided to those who didn’t have engrained a legacy of his The Memorial Run is our way as family and friends to continue honoring the legacy he left behind. 

Proceeds from the run benefit Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation to advance awareness of ARVD and genetic testing.


“Live in the Moment & Never Give Up!”